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Presentation 5E3. The True Role(s) of Statistics in Engineering: A Student's Perspective

James Moody (Australia)


Presentation Abstract

The applicability of Statistics to engineering is often taken for granted. However, the scope of the work is often variable, as is the level of skills, and the level of theory, in statistics to which it is appropriate to teach an engineering cohort. This paper presents a student's view of the role that mathematics has to play in the engineering profession, and of statistics applicability to the engineering curriculum. It also highlights the core stresses felt by engineering students and staff and some of key aspects required to effectively integrate these two disciplines. A case study is presented, which concentrates on the experiences of an electrical engineering student who took courses ranging from the core engineering statistics subject through to advanced theoretical topics designed for statistics majors, such as time series. It was found that while the initial core subject taught the student how to cope with statistical analysis of data, the advanced theoretical courses meshed much more appropriately with the engineering curriculum relevant to the case study.


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