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Presentation 6A4. Mathematics Teachers' Professional Knowledge of and about Probability

Tova Kvatinsky (Israel)
Ruhama Even (Israel)


Presentation Abstract
Teacher professional knowledge receives great attention in recent years. However, theoretical frameworks for analyzing what teacher knowledge might mean in specific mathematical domains are rare, and so are in-depth studies that explore teacher professional knowledge in specific mathematical domains. This study focuses on teacher professional knowledge in the area of probability, centering on content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge and curricular knowledge (based on Shulman's general framework).
This study has two goals:

1. To build an analytic framework of probability teachers' professional knowledge.
2. To examine the professional knowledge of secondary school teachers who teach probability.

For the first goal we are developing a questionnaire that will be administered to a number of mathematicians and mathematics educators . We will also interview some of them.

For the second goal we will conduct case studies of teachers that teach probability . The case studied will be based on observations of teachers teaching a whole unit of probability, supplementing the observations with, interviews with the teachers and students from the teachers' classes. We will also observe group of teachers that participate in probability workshops, and supplement the observations with questionnaires and interviews. The combination of intensive case studies and more general study of groups of teachers aims to allow us to examine teacher professional knowledge in actual practice (classroom teaching) as well as in a different context.

In our presentation we plan to discuss the analytic framework we are developing in the study, and present initial findings regarding the second goal stated above.


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