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Presentation 6B1. Studying the Median: A Framework to Analyze Instructional Processes in Statistics Education

Juan D. Godino (Spain)


Presentation Abstract
In this paper we describe the main characteristics of a theoretical framework for research in mathematics education, which we have been developing since 1994 (Godino and Batanero, 1994; 1998b). This framework has been used in several statistics education doctoral theses and publications (Godino and Batanero, 1998b; Batanero and Godino, 2001), and the theoretical notions introduced in the same allow us to take into account three main facets of teaching and learning processes:

- Epistemology (the nature and structure of knowledge);
- Cognition (subjective knowledge and learning);
- Instruction (teacher-students' interaction patterns in the classroom context).

These three dimensions are articulated by an anthropological and semiotical approach for knowledge and communication processes.

We also will show an example, where the theoretical framework is applied to the study of the median in the context of teacher's training, where the research methodology derived from the framework allows us,

- to identify the elements of meaning of the statistical content in the instructional process;
- to show the semiotic complexity of the same;
- to determine the critical aspects that require negotiation of meanings, or changes in the instruction;
- to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process and to deduce criteria for their optimisation.

Batanero, C. & Godino, J. D. (2001). Developing new research tools in statistics education. Invited paper, 53rd ISI Session, Seoul, Korea.

Godino, J. D. & Batanero, C. (1994). Significado institucional y personal de los objetos matematicos. Recherches en Didactique des Mathamatiques, 14 (3): 325-355.

Godino, J. D. & Batanero, C. (1998a). Clarifying the meaning of mathematical objects as a priority area of research in mathematics education. In, A. Sierpinska & K. Kilpatrick (Ed.), Mathematics Education as a Research Domain (pp. 177-195). Dordrecht: Kluwer, A. P.

Godino, J. D. & Batanero, C. (1998b). Building and experimenting a model for a meaningful instruction in data analysis. In L. Pereira-Mendoza et al. (Eds.), Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Teaching Statistics (Vol. 2: 905-912). Singapore. ISI.


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