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Presentation 6B2. Statistical Thinking Models

Chris J. Wild (New Zealand)
Maxine Pfannkuch (New Zealand)


Presentation Abstract
Models for statistical modes of thinking and problem solving have been developed, and continue to be developed, by teachers and researchers. The purpose of these models range from helping individual students solve problems to developing measurement instruments for educational research. These theoretical models have arisen with particular perspectives and primary uses in mind. In this paper we compare and contrast some statistical thinking models originating from statistics education research (e.g., Watson et al., 1995; Ben-Zvi & Friedlander, 1997; Jones et al., 2000) with some models arising from the discipline of statistics and subdisciplines (e.g., Wild & Pfannkuch, 1999; Hoerl & Snee, 2001). Drawing upon models used in both these areas we discuss issues that include their development and use, how they might illuminate one another and what we can learn from them. To illustrate some of these issues we will use a model that we are currently developing for the interpretation of statistically-based media reports.

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Wild, C. J., & Pfannkuch, M. (1999). Statistical thinking in empirical enquiry (with discussion). International Statistical Review, 67, 223-265.


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