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Presentation 6E1. Probability and Statistics in Elementary School: a Research of Teachers' Training

Celi Aparecida Espasandin Lopes (Brazil)
Anna Regina Lanner de Moura (Brazil)


Presentation Abstract
This project is based in the epistemological reflection of the teacher about the stochastic' ideas in elementary education. It considers the European term stochastics meaning "probability and statistics".

Throughout the study of mistakes and difficulties in learning and experiencing situations that permit the reflection about stochastics, the teaching and resources' methods and its practical use the teacher will have conditions of finding different ways in its pedagogical practice to widening its professional development.
It is necessary in mathematical education that incentives the research reflections and creativity to break with the determinism that still exists in mathematical programs and principally the determinist ideas, that inhibit the movement of transformation.

In the world of information we live, it's important to have the knowledge of the probability of facts to make decisions, to do forecasts and to acquire more ability to think about the uncertainties, because each time the population has more access to social and economical issues on which the graphics and tables provide the survey results.

So, based on these facts, our project has a main question. Which transformations the process of reflection about teaching of statistics and probability will bring to training and the practice of teachers? To answer this question, we are developing a qualitative research, defining the category in analysis of the empirical material, for the analysis of the interviews, the videos and the reports of the participant teachers.
There are five teachers and two teacher coordinators participating in this research. The group has been working for two years and so far the results are very significant.

We believe that the conclusions of this project will present relevant contributions not only for the research in statistics education, but also for the practice and development of the teachers.


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