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Presentation 6E3. Teacher's Training in a Statistics Teaching Experimentation

Linda Gattuso (Canada)
Maria A. Pannone (Italy)


Presentation Abstract
It is well known that even though statistics are taking more and more place in the school curriculum, the teachers often do not have the means and even the necessary knowledge to implement this new content in their classrooms. Studies in training teachers to teach statistics show that there are many difficulties, one of them being the relative isolation of teachers and the lack of support. In Italy, a large experimentation for teaching statistics, based principally on the data oriented approach (DOA) and the use of officials statistical data, was realized at three school levels (elementary, secondary and upper secondary schools) in four Italian regions with the collaboration of 382 teachers. In this paper, we will describe the activities designed for preparing the teachers in view of the experimentation carried out in the upper secondary schools and their consequences. The teachers' recorded interviews and the questionnaires filled in before the experimentation, together with the teachers' journals and the issues of group discussions at the end of the experimentation, have been analyzed revealing the elements of this experimentation that had a relevant impact on teachers training.

Hawkins, A., Jolliffe, F., Glickman, L. (1992). Teaching Statistical Concepts. The effective teachers series. Longman: London.


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