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Presentation 6F2. Choosing to Study Independently - When is it a Bad Idea?

Glenda Francis (Australia)


Presentation Abstract
With ever increasing demands on limited resources, universities are looking for ways to utilise their resources more efficiently. At Swinburne University of Technology, in the statistics component of the psychology course, we have developed a set of materials which allow students to work independently, rather than attending lectures and tutorials. This means fewer students attend tutorials and we can give those that need it more individual assistance. A major concern with this strategy is that students might choose to work independently for inappropriate reasons. Some students see independent study as being an easy or less time consuming option, when in fact the reverse may be true. This study explores the basis on which students make their choice between lectures and independent study, and whether the reasoning behind their choice has an impact on their eventual success or failure. The research is based on a number of questionnaires collected throughout the semester and analysed in conjunction with the students' results.


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