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Presentation 6H1. Training Future Researchers in Statistics Education: Reflections from the Spanish Experience

Carmen Batanero (Spain)


Presentation Abstract

Statistics education is now a mature field (Vere-Jones, 1997) and there is a considerable amount of experience in the world about conducting research into statistical education. However, we still need to achieve academic recognition in the different disciplines or programmes where we work. Jolliffe (1998), and Batanero et al. (2000) suggested we may now be at a stage where it would be possible to develop some general principles about what background knowledge do we need in order to conduct quality research in statistical education, and how might we best train researchers to conduct research in statistical education.

Currently, this training is carried out at the Master's and Doctoral programmes from Mathematics Education, Statistics, Education, Psychology and other related departments, and starting a line of research in statistics education in these departments is not always an easy task, due to the lack of trained supervisors, specific bibliography and funds.

This was the situation at the University of Granada, Spain, in 1988, when the first Doctoral Programme in Mathematics Education in Spain was started. Only three people, with doctoral dissertation in either Statistics or Mathematics (Calculus) could give the courses and supervise research work. Information collected from other departments (Batanero et al., 1994), and the help by a group of French researchers in mathematics education was then essential at the starting stages.

In this paper this experience and the way we developed a research group in statistics education is described. The general orientation and contents of the doctoral programme, in particular, the courses directed to training in theoretical aspects, research methods and statistics education research will be described as a first step to establish what an ideal programme for training future researchers in statistics education would be.

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