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Presentation 7A1. Java Applets and Multimedia Catalogues for Statistics Education

Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Mittag (Germany)


Presentation Abstract
Interactive Java applets and multimedia components for Statistics education provide interlinkable micro-worlds suitable for opening new dimensions of learning and teaching. They give an easy access to net-supported virtual laboratories for statistical experiments or to learner-controlled visualization and animation of statistical concepts.

Undoubtedly, the use of high-quality multimedia software for Statistics and other disciplines may considerably contribute to improving the quality of traditional lectures and classroom teaching. On the other hand, the development of high-quality educational software is much more expensive than textbook development. Hence a systematic cooperation between different educational institutions, coordinating their development of Java applets and multimedia components and exchanging such elements, seems to be a very reasonable and cost-effective approach. A database, user-friendly organized in form of a catalogue containing a collection of unconnected Java applets or multimedia components, represents an ideal starting point for cooperation between international partners in Statistics education. Each partner could easily modify elements of the database, add new elements or change the language of didactical comments.

This paper presents such a multimedia catalogue for Statistics education. The catalogue supports the re-use of self-contained Java applets and multimedia components across national borders. The scope and flexibility of the database approach is illustrated by means of selected Java applets for Statistics that are already in use in different educational institutions and different learning environments within and outside the German language area.

Keywords: Multimedia components, Java applets, Statistics education, international cooperation


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