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Presentation 7E1. St@tNet, an Internet Based Software for Teaching Introductory Statistics

Gilbert Saporta (France)


Presentation Abstract

Internet provides enormous resources for teachers and students (datasets, applets, free softwares, web links, on-line electronic courses) and is thus a support for interactive education and distance teaching. Among the most useful resources are data tables, textbooks, electronic journals, applets and free softwares. In this communication, we will first give a panoramic survey of these resources and of some interactive courses available on Internet.

We will then present St@tNet (demo web site:, which is a complete, interactive, web-based, course on introductory statistics with six modules: data description, probability, random variables, sampling and estimation, tests, linear regression.

St@tNet is composed with three main parts:

- A course where one finds for each chapter a presentation, a development, a summary, interactive exercises, a glossary, etc. with use of Flash and Java animations.
- Downloadable files: course notes, exercises, and datasets
- Links

St@tNet is a part of the future "University Virtuelle Francophone" which aims at making teaching resources available to French-speaking students, of all over the world, but more particularly of southern countries, through Internet and intranet systems.

The contents of UVF will be freely accessible, but registration and some fees will be needed, in order to pass examination and get a valid credit in the universities of the network..

St@tNet is co-financed by the French Ministry of Education and the " Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie ", and will be achieved in spring 2002.

St@tNet is already used for distance teaching, and we will present the course organization and the first results.


Download in Adobe Acrobat format (205 Kb).


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