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Presentation 8E3. Data Analysis Talent Award: A Giant Leap!

Saleha Habibullah (Pakistan)


Presentation Abstract
Ever since 1985, the Department of Statistics at Kinnaird College for Women in Lahore, Pakistan, has been engaged in a number of projects and programs aimed at the improvement of statistical education in the country. These include a) statistical competitions for students, b) statistical exhibitions, and c) workshops for lecturers, assistant professors, etc., working in various intermediate and degree colleges of Pakistan. The year 1997 witnessed the very first efforts of the Kinnaird College Statistics Department to expand the statistical competition to the worldwide community of students and young adults. The competition invited students to become involved in projects involving collection and analysis of real-life data, and the competition was entitled "Data Analysis Talent Award " (DATA).

This paper will present the methodology that was used for launching the competition as well as the salient features of the two rounds of the competition that have been completed ("DATA 1998" and "DATA 2000"). The discussion will include brief accounts of the entries that were received from various countries for the competition. Of particular interest is that the second prize in "DATA 2000" came from South Africa.


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