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Presentation 9B3. Teaching Statistics in Kenya

John W. Odhiambo (Kenya)


Presentation Abstract
In Kenya today statistics is taught at various levels in the education system to various degrees of coverage and sophistication. At Secondary School level there are rudimentary elements of Descriptive Statistics and Probability. In Teachers Colleges elements of descriptive statistics and statistical inference is taught to those taking mathematics as a major teaching subject in secondary school. In Universities, Statistics is taught principally in departments of mathematics and/or statistics in science faculties; but it is taught to students of commerce, Economics, Sociology, Education, Engineering, and Computer Science.

The paper will review the curriculum in Statistics; the teaching approaches; the correspondence of curriculum to demands of society and labor market; the availability of suitably qualified teachers, books and equipment; and performance of students. The paper will also highlight current efforts being made to address issues related to poor performance in Mathematics/Statistics at schools and universities; sharing learning and teaching resources among institutions; developing demand driven curricula in statistics; and continuing education for teachers and lecturers of statistics. Emphasis will be on teaching of statistics at university level.


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