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Presentation 9C1. Teaching Statistics in Secondary School. An Overview: From the Curriculum to the Reality

Elena F. de Carrera (Argentine)


Presentation Abstract
Statistical education and general Mathematical education has changed in Argentina in the last decade. The same has happened in many other countries in the world because the need of students to have a satisfactory Statistical training is an important preoccupation in the today's information society. Any citizen, not only scientists and technologists, need to understand the information available.

Although the changes already exist in the secondary school Mathematics curriculum, their results are nor visible in the university classroom where the students' knowledge of statistic or probability area almost none.

This paper describes the results of a survey about the previous knowledge of Probability and Statistic in university student before a first and formal statistical course is carried out. The experience was made among students in the geographic area in Argentina namely Litoral area. We try to identify the reasons why teachers tend to teach descriptive Statistics only, a few elements of Probability and nothing of data analysis.


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