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Presentation 9C2. The Research on Stochastic Education in the Ibero-American Countries

Antonio Estepa (Spain)


Presentation Abstract

In the last decades, educational research on Stochastic Education (incorporating Statistics, Probability and Combinatorics) is having a wide development all over the world. This development has also taken place in the Ibero-American countries, where groups of researchers carrying out a serious and rigorous researches exist. Frequently these researches are not known by other members of the Ibero-American community. I think that it would be interesting to carry out a study on these kinds of researches.

Consequently, the objective of this paper is to gather, classify and synthesize the research on Stochastic Education carried out in the Ibero-American countries. The knowledge of this research would fulfill the following objectives:

a) Establishing contact between Ibero-American researchers on Stochastic Education, that permitted an exchange of information, which is favored by the use of a common language Spanish or Portuguese.

b) The researchers on Stochastic Education are from different field: Statistics, Mathematics Education, Psychology, ... often with a few relationship between them. This kind of information would facilitate the mutual knowledge and the cooperation in the research.

c) As consequence, we would advance in the improvement of the teaching and the learning of Statistics, Probability and Combinatorics.

In relation to the Ibero-American researches community on Stochastics Education, the study is composed of the following topics:

a) Research Groups
b) Main researches lines
c) Research Projects
d) Meetings (Conferences, workshop, ...).
e) Internet
f) Etc.


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