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Session 1A. Frameworks and Studies in Statistics Literacy

Session Organizer(s)

Iddo Gal (Israel)

Session Abstract

This session includes two types of presentations. Some talks address the conceptualization of statistics literacy, examine the relevance of statistics literacy for the average citizen, outline requirements from citizens, and address the roles that education systems, governmental agencies, the media, and non-formal education systems may have for promoting statistics literacy. Other presentations report findings describing people's statistics literacy skills (as opposed to formal knowledge in statistics), suggest research agendas, and discuss educational and policy implications of such research.


Presentation 1A1 A Coherent Fabric of Statistics Literacy Andrew Ahlgren (USA)
Presentation 1A2 Three Kinds of Statistics Literacy Milo Schield (USA)
Presentation 1A3 Analysis of Data from a Nationwide Psychological Project Involving Coin-tossing Predictions David Green (UK)
Presentation 1A4 Profile for Statistical Understanding Chris Reading (Australia)

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