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Session 1B. Statistics for the Citizen

Session Organizer(s)

Brian Phillips (Australia)

Session Abstract

Presentations in this session discuss the role of statistics in a number of everyday contexts. The approach will be non-technical and suitable for a non-specialist audience (teachers, policy makers, administrators, journalists, health professionals, and people from the general population) who would like to learn how to make better use of and critically interpret probability and statistical information and messages they may encounter in everyday or work settings in which chance, risk, and data are involved, such as genetic counseling, games of chance, or sports. Talks in this session will be different from the traditional papers given at ICOTS, and should be of interest to general audiences such as those outlined above who will be invited to join ICOTS-6 expressly for that purpose, as well as to the regular ICOTS participants (possibly for use as models for outreach activities).

Overall, we hope that the availability of keynote presentations on statistics literacy, different paper sessions pertaining to the areas envisioned under Topic 1, and the synergy between Topics in this regard, will enable ICOTS-6 to address its general theme and promote a statistically literate society. (When the final program is published, talks classified under other Topics that also pertain to statistics literacy, such as Topic 5: "Statistics and the Wider Society", will be specially marked in the ICOTS-6 program).


Presentation 1B1 The Public's Understanding of Health Statistics: The Case of Congenital Anomalies Beverley Botting (UK)
Presentation 1B2 Probability and Game Shows Mike Fletcher (UK)
Presentation 1B3 What Educated Citizens Should Know About Statistics and Probability Jessica Utts (USA)
Presentation 1B4 Promoting Statistics Thinking amongst Secondary School Students in the National Context Philip J. Boland (Ireland)
Presentation 1B5 DNA "Fingerprints" and their Statistical Analysis in Human Populations A. Marie Phillips (Australia)
Presentation 1B6 Toward A Statistically Literate Citizenry: What Statistics Everyone Should Know Jerry Moreno (USA)

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