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Session 2A. Innovative Ideas for Teaching Statistics in Elementary School

Session Organizer(s)

Dave Pratt (UK)

Session Abstract

This session explores recent research that promises to offer insights into the teaching of statistics and probability. Our reading of the literature asserts that is reasonable to assume that responses from children depend critically on the learning context and that the interesting question now is how this relationship works.

Jose Luis Cortina reports on the results of a teaching experiment that focussed on ratio and provides evidence for a learning trajectory arising out of that teaching approach. The issue of design, and its rationale, is in a sense central to this paper, whether it be the design of tasks or the design of a teaching experiment. The next paper continues this theme of design. Efthymia (Efi) Paparistodemou reports on her work with young children playing with a computer-based game and discusses how the resources within the medium shape the expressions of the children. This expressiveness manifests itself partly through the actions of the children, who are able to exert some control over the nature of the game, and partly through their discussions with the researcher.


Presentation 2A1 Can Grade 3 Students Learn about Variation? Jane Watson (Australia)
Presentation 2A2 Ratios and Rates in the Learning of Statistics Jose Luis Cortina (USA)
Presentation 2A3 Building Understandings of Randomness: 6-8 Year-old Children's Exploration in Sample Space Efthymia (Efi) Paparistodemou (UK)
Richard Noss (UK)
Dave Pratt (UK)

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