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Session 2B. Innovative Ideas for Teaching Statistics in Secondary School

Session Organizer(s)

Gail Burrill (USA)

Session Abstract

To ensure that all students have the opportunity to become statistically literate before they leave general schooling, key statistical content and understanding should be an integral part of the secondary curriculum. Decisions about what this content should be and how it should interface with the school program will vary from country to country, but certain important elements should emerge as common threads.

This session will explore what these elements are and how they might be taught in innovative ways, looking at general literacy as well as ways to provide options for continuing study. In particular, the use of technology to provide new ways of thinking about how to teach for understanding as well as applications to real problems will be stressed. Time will be provided for participants to discuss the papers in light of the session goals.


Presentation 2B1 Wizardry or Pedagogy?: What is the Driving Force in the Use of New Technology in Teaching Statistics? James Nicholson (UK)
Gerry Mulhern (UK)
Presentation 2B2 Data Driven Activities: Teaching Statistics Through Mathematics Jeff Witmer (USA)
Presentation 2B3 Teaching Statistics for Critical Thinking Hanan Innabi (Jordan)
Presentation 2B4 Building a Better Foundation for Advanced Statistical Techniques Anthony Harradine (Australia)

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