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Session 2C. Research on Teaching Statistics at the School Level

Session Organizer(s)

Pat Thompson (USA)

Session Abstract

Papers in this session will focus on various aspects of research of teaching statistics at the school level. Although there are many classroom innovations that will be discussed at ICOTS-6, as well as research on students' understanding, this particular session is designed to combine research and classroom experiences under the general heading of "teaching". Innovations in this area may be associated with curriculum reform, teaching methodology, teacher understanding, applying research outcomes, supplementing teaching with technology, or emphasis on particular topics.

The significance of this session will be based on the demonstrated links between these aspects of teaching in the classroom and the research that establishes their effectiveness. Participants will be expected to expound on their research methodology as appropriate for the results reported. The outcomes to be canvassed are associated with primary, middle, secondary, and senior secondary classrooms.


Presentation 2C1 Teachers' Conceptions and Constructions of Pedagogical Representations in Teaching Statistics: A Case of Arithmetic Average Jinfa Cai (USA)
Presentation 2C2 Concept Mapping on Statistical Education at Primary School Level: Italian Research
Silio Rigatti Luchini (Italy)
Maria Pia Perelli D'Argenzio (Italy)
Gianfranco Moncecchi (Italy)
Presentation 2C3 Data Analysis, Concepts of Variable, and Correlation in a High School Statistics Course Patrick W. Thompson (USA)
Presentation 2C4 Instructional Models for Teaching Statistics across the Curriculum Susanne P. Lajoie (Canada)
Presentation 2C5 Constructing Meanings for Data Representations Dani Ben-Zvi (Israel)
Presentation 2C6 Research in Teaching and Learning Statistics: Connections to the Classroom Gail Burrill (USA)
Presentation 2C7 The Role of Teachers and Students in Shaping Materials in a Development Project James Nicholson (UK)
Gerry Mulhern (UK)

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