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Session 2D. Innovative Statistics Curriculum Development and Research Projects at the School Level

Session Organizer(s)

Dani Ben-Zvi (Israel)

Session Abstract

This Session will focus on a theoretically based and concerted plan for an innovative statistics curriculum at any school level. Curriculum will be considered in its broadest sense, not just the materials (e.g., textbooks), but rather the whole educational environment, including various curricular elements, such as: educational principles underlying the curriculum, school and class organization, student and teacher's role, the use of pedagogical aids and technology (including Internet), and teacher's development programs. These curricular components are to be accompanied by research on the teaching and learning of the curriculum, the impact of technology, etc.

We look for new curricula projects from various countries, which were influenced by the current approach to statistics education (in particular EDA) and current learning and teaching theories. We prefer that presentations in this Session will not be based on only few isolated experimental activities. However, work presented can be only in preliminary stages of development or implementation.

We hope that the discussions generated by the presentations will provide an arena to compare between curricular projects in terms of their contents, emphasis, use of technology, results, etc., and to consider principled guidelines for the planning of innovative statistics curriculum.


Presentation 2D1 CensusAtSchool 2000: Creation to Collation to Classroom Doreen Connor (UK)
Presentation 2D2 Statistics at School Level in South Africa - the Way Forward Delia North (South Africa)
Maria-Gabriella Ottaviani (Italy)
Presentation 2D3 The Effects of Some Teaching Techniques on Learning Statistics Gianfranco Galmacci (Italy)
Anna Maria Milito (Italy)
Presentation 2D4 How Far Can We Go in the Statistics Curriculum Development at the Secondary School Level to Reach Successfully the Objective? Annie Morin (France)
Presentation 2D5 Emergent Modeling as the Basis for an Instructional Sequence on Data Analysis Koeno Gravemeijer (The Netherlands)
Presentation 2D6 Lessons to be Learned from Curriculum Development in Statistics
Peter Holmes (UK)

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