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Session 3A. Statistics as a Service Subject in First Level Courses

Session Organizer(s)

Beth Chance (USA)

Session Abstract

The last decade has seen a renewed focus on the introductory statistics course for non-statistics majors at the tertiary level. This "service course" has been infused with recommendations for active learning, conceptual understanding, real data, and effective use of technology. Instructors have aimed to make the course more interesting and accessible to students by connecting the material to their own majors and nonacademic experiences.

Speakers in this session will discuss recent innovations in statistics instruction aimed at making the course more relevant to a general audience. Particular attention will be paid to experiences that allow students to apply their knowledge in a social or humanitarian context, and to how these experiences have impacted students' perception of the utility of statistics.


Presentation 3A1 Statistical Consulting with Undergraduates - a Community Outreach Approach Brian Jersky (USA)
Presentation 3A2 Elementary Statistics International Travel Lab Component Robert A. Leslie (USA)
Presentation 3A3 Community-Based Learning: Motivating Encounters with Real-world Statistics Rob Root (USA)
Trisha Thorme (USA)
Presentation 3A4 Enriching Introductory Statistics Courses Through Community Awareness Jon E. Anderson (USA)
Engin Sungur (USA)

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