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Session 3C. Statistics for Future Statisticians

Session Organizer(s)

Ann Cannon (USA)

Session Abstract

A major effort has been undertaken recently in the United States to identify what should constitute a major (first degree) and minor in Statistics. Participants in the discussion have included industrial statisticians (end-users) as well as faculty from a broad range of post-secondary institutions.

This session will endeavor to broaden the discussion. The first speaker will discuss the results of the Undergraduate Statistics Education Initiative (USEI) in the United States. The second and third speakers will report on the status of majors (first degrees) and minors on other continents.


Presentation 3C1 The Evolution of an Applied Statistics Undergraduate Degree
Christine Straker (UK)
Presentation 3C2 Meeting the Perceived Needs of statistical Education with Available Manpower and Resources Ann-Lee Wang (Malaysia)
Presentation 3C3 The American Statistical Association's Undergraduate Statistics Education Initiative George W. Cobb (USA)

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