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Session 3D. Statistics and Research Designs: An Integrated Approach

Session Organizer(s)

Glenys Bishop
Session Chair  
Andile Mji (South Africa)

Session Abstract

Much current statistical education at the post-secondary level focuses on methods of data analysis and the use of statistical packages. Subject matter experts often teach research methods to upper undergraduates and beginning postgraduate students but their emphasis is less on the statistical validity of study designs as on their practicalities. The aim of this session is to bring together the two aspects into an integrated approach. The papers in this session will show how the integrated approach can be used in teaching undergraduates or postgraduates, for experimental or survey or observational study designs.


Presentation 3D1 Experimental Research in a Statistical Concepts Course Alice M. Richardson (Australia)
Presentation 3D2 Teaching Statistics and Research Methods in an Virtual Learning Environment Hans van Buuren (The Netherlands)
Presentation 3D3 Improvement of Teaching and Use of Statistics in Africa's Sub-Saharan Countries: The Example of Benin Felicien Donat Edgar Towenan Accrombessy (Benin)
Presentation 3D4 Statistics Made Alive Parinbanu N. Kurji (Kenya)

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