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Session 3E. Statistics Learning with Cases/Projects

Session Organizer(s)

Roxy Peck (USA)

Session Abstract

Case studies and projects have been successfully employed in a variety of settings to facilitate student learning and to allow students to use statistical methods to analyze data in authentic settings. Speakers in this session will describe how case studies and/or projects have been integrated into statistics instruction at the post secondary level in innovative ways, and will address the resulting impact on student motivation and learning.


Presentation 3E1 Case Studies in the Mathematical Statistics Course Deborah Nolan (USA)
Presentation 3E2 Statistical Investigations - Drawing it all Together Flavia Jolliffe (UK)
Presentation 3E3 Survey Sampling: Learning by Doing. A Twenty Years Graduate Level Teaching Experience. Jean-Hugues Chauchat (France)
Presentation 3E4 Projects for Advanced Undergraduates - Leaving the Script Behind Margaret Mackisack (Australia)

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