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Session 3F. Bayesian Statistics

Session Organizer(s)

Dalene Stangl (USA)

Session Abstract

Due to advances in numerical methods and computation, use of Bayesian methods is rapidly increasing both within the statistics profession as well as in substantive research areas. This is evidenced by a rise in publication of Bayesian-based statistics textbooks and a rise in publication of substantive research articles using Bayesian methods. Teaching of Bayesian methods in undergraduate courses must follow.

This session will include a series of talks that discuss philosophy and experiences of teachers on the cutting edge of teaching Bayesian methods to undergraduates across the world. Speakers will discuss the ease and difficulty of teaching the Bayesian perspective and share teaching resources with those interested in bringing Bayesian methods into their own courses.


Presentation 3F1 Teaching Introductory Statistics from A Bayesian Perspective
Jim Albert (USA)
Presentation 3F2 Teaching Bayesian Statistics to Undergraduates: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How
W. M. (Bill) Bolstad (New Zealand)
Presentation 3F3 Maieutic, Laboratory-Based Approach to Teaching Probability Theory and Its Applications to Measurement Uncertainty Giulio D'Agostini (Italy)
Presentation 3F4 Software for Teaching Bayesian Statistics Hedibert Lopes (Brazil)
Presentation 3F5 The Role of Exchangeability as a Basic Concept in Introductory Courses on Bayesian Statistics Pilar Iglesias (Chile)
Sergio Weschler (Brazil)

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