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Session 3I. Statistics for Future Teachers

Session Organizer(s)

Graham Jones (USA)
Zakayo Msokwa (Tanzania)

Session Abstract

In response to the critical role that information and data play in our technological society, there have been international calls for reform in statistics education at all grade levels of the school mathematics curriculum (e.g. Australian Education Council, 1994; National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1989, 2000; School Curriculum and Assessment Authority for England and Wales, 1996). If this reform is to be successful, prospective teachers of elementary, middle, and high school grades need to be equipped with the content and pedagogical knowledge to teach data handling effectively. In the light of these reforms, teacher educators and mathematicians need to face the challenge of developing imaginative programs for prospective teachers who often have little background in data handling and statistics. These programs might be part of a mathematics course, part of a mathematics methods course or indeed a complete course in statistics.

Speakers in this session will present and discuss innovative programs in statistics education for prospective teachers of elementary, middle and secondary school. We are interested in programs that focus on content knowledge and/or pedagogy for prospective teachers. There is also interest in presentations that deal with prospective teachers' conceptions and misconceptions in statistics especially information that could be used to support instruction in statistics.


Presentation 3I1 A Statistics Course for Elementary and Middle School Teachers Mike Perry (USA)
Gary Kader (USA)
Presentation 3I2 A Data-Oriented, Active Learning, Post-Calculus Introduction to Statistical Concepts, Methods, and Theory Allan J. Rossman (USA)
Beth Chance (USA)
Presentation 3I3 Using ICT and Web-Based Materials for Learning & Teaching and Data Handling Across the Curriculum in Schools Ian Roberts (Australia)
Neville Davies (UK)
Presentation 3I4 Learning to Teach Statistics through Project Work Renuka Vithal (South Africa)

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