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Session 3J. Statistics for Future Health Care Professionals

Session Organizer(s)

Tom Short (USA)

Session Abstract

Health care professionals must balance competing demands in addition to their primary concern of patient care. They all must be able to understand quantitative research published within their specific areas, and many of them will conduct their own research and must understand how to design studies and how to analyze results. They must also be able to work within the context of a team of medical professionals representing many different levels of quantitative ability.

This session will bring leading educators from a variety of health care education contexts together to share their views on training future health care professionals.


Presentation 3J1 Making Statistics Relevant for Undergraduate Nurses Peter Martin (Australia)
Robyn Pierce (Australia)
Presentation 3J2 From Testing to Decision-making: Changing how we Teach Statistics to Health Care Professionals Dalene Stangl (USA)
Presentation 3J3 Usage of Medical Journal Articles in Biostatistical Training for Residents Reena Deutsch (USA)
Presentation 3J4 Intensive Short-Courses in Biostatistics for Fellows and Physicians Walter T. Ambrosius (USA)
Amita K. Manatunga (USA)

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