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Session 3K. Sampling for Surveys

Session Organizer(s)

Alan H. Welsh (Australia)

Session Abstract

The image of sampling conveyed by many books and courses is of a dry, turgid subject beloved by pedants. The content often seem like an unconnected set of topics characterised by clever but apparently ad hoc methods. In fact, sample surveys are an exciting, important area of statistics in which all the statistical issues appear - how to collect data, how to analyse data, how to interpret data, appropriate frameworks for inference, conflicting paradigms etc. So how can we teach basic sampling with verve and style? The talks in this session are intended to explore different approaches to answering this question.


Presentation 3K1

Training Professionals in Survey Sampling

Ray Chambers (UK)
James Brown (UK)
Chris Skinner (UK)
Presentation 3K2 Use of Mini-projects in the Teaching of Survey Sampling
Lynne Stokes (USA)
Presentation 3K3 Survey Training For Official Statisticians In Brazil Pedro Luis do Nascimento Silva (Brazil)

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