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Session 3N. Teaching Categorical Data Analysis

Session Organizer(s)

Michael Campbell (UK)
Session Chair  
Robin Lock (USA)

Session Abstract

Categorical data are traditionally analysed by the chi-squared test, one of the first statistical tests to be developed in the history of statistics. Since then there has been considerable work on other models to describe categorical data, including ordinal, polytomous, continuation ratio, stereotypical and Row and Column models. Recently, it has been possible to fit many of these using modern software, and this has a major impact on teaching about the methods. However understanding the consequences and usefulness of these models has still some way to go.


Presentation 3N1 Teaching Categorical Data Analysis Alan Agresti (USA)
Presentation 3N2 Teaching Statisticians and Applied Researchers Statistical Methods for Analysis of Data from Rating Scales. Experiences from Joint Research Courses in Rating Scale Data Analysis. Elisabeth Svensson (Sweden)
Presentation 3N3 How Can Students be Encouraged to Read Statistical Material? Stuart Young (New Zealand)

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