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Session 3O. Statistics for the Actuarial Syllabus

Session Organizer(s)

Jacky Galpin (South Africa)

Session Abstract

Much of the content of the actuarial syllabus is made up of statistical material, and is generally taught by statisticians and not
actuaries. Recent changes to the actuarial syllabus have required the teaching, at undergraduate level, of material normally taught at
postgraduate level. This session will present some aspects of these issues. There will also be time for the discussion of a comment often
made by actuarial science lecturers that the students can do the stats but aren't really statistically literate.



Presentation 3O1 Plan Member Risk and the Defined Contribution Pension Plan Larry Weldon (Canada)
Presentation 3O2 Net Value and Ruin Theory by Spreadsheet Tim Dunne (South Africa)
Presentation 3O3 Teaching Stochastic Calculus to the 3rd Year Students R. Guo (South Africa)
Tim Dunne (South Africa)
G. Tucker (South Africa)
Presentation 3O4 Teaching Statistics to the Modern Actuary Mark Claassen (South Africa)

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