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Session 4A. Making Statistical Consulting and Technical Co-operation More Effective

Session Organizer(s)

Jean-Louis Bodin (France)
Session Chair  
Bart Meganck (Luxembourg)

Session Abstract

Possible consulting topics for this session include statistical consulting as a tool for teaching and strategies and programmes for improving the effectiveness of statistical consultants. Possible technical co-operation topics revolve around the objectives, strategies, and programmes to improve the statistical skills of those already in the workplace. For both consulting and technical co-operation an effort will be made to include speakers with expertise in developing and less-developed countries.


Presentation 4A1 New Challenges in Training for Statistical Development in Developing Countries Ben Kiregyera (Uganda)
Presentation 4A2 Training of African Statisticians: The Experience of the National School for Statistics and Applied Economics (ENSEA) in Abidjan (Côte-d'Ivoire) Koffi N'guessan (Ivory Coast)
Presentation 4A3 On Promoting Statistical Consulting in Statistics Education/Training James H. Matis (USA)
Presentation 4A4 A Programme of Technical Cooperation for Training Official Statisticians of Latin American Countries Carmen Arribas Rodriguez (Spain)

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