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Session 4B. The Role of National and International Statistics Organisations in Improving Statistical Knowledge in the Workplace

Session Organizer(s)

Marcel Van den Broecke (The Netherlands)

Session Abstract

National statistical associations usually aim at promoting and improving the statistical expertise in academic, official and corporate statistics at the national level by aiming at more interaction between these types of statisticians who usually operate as relatively separate groups. International statistical organisations are usually more concerned with standardisation and comparability between various countries.

This session will aim at achieving interaction between national and international organisations from the viewpoint of education, taking into account that the framework and setting in which national organisations operate differs greatly between one country and another, depending on their level of development.


Presentation 4B1 Statistics in the Working Place in the Developing Countries of the ESCAP Region; Challenges for the Management of the National Statistical Organizations. Maarten Boon (Japan)
Presentation 4B2 The Role of Eurostat in the Exchange of Statistical Knowledge between Statistical Offices and Central Banks: The CMFB Experience Bart Meganck (Luxembourg)
Presentation 4B3 Role of American Statistical Association in Statistics Education Madhuri S. Mulekar (USA)
Madge Haven (USA)
Carol Joyce Blumberg (USA)

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