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Session 4C. Training of Official Statisticians

Session Organizer(s)

Denis Farrell (Australia)

Session Abstract

National statistical offices use very different approaches to the training of their statisticians. Some rely heavily on the recruitment of staff with strong statistical qualifications and supplement this with continuing education programs undertaken internally and/or in collaboration with universities and other institutions. Some operate training institutes which undertake structured programs designed to progressively develop the skills of their employees. Offices in many developing countries are supported by programs which are provided by international agencies or by co-operation with other national statistical offices. The training provided covers:
- range of formal disciplines including mathematics, statistics, econometrics, etc.,
- statistical processes such as price index construction, implementation of the system of national accounts, field survey practices, etc.,
- research, analytical and publishing skills, and administrative, and
- technical skills such as report writing, customer service, use of IT, etc.

This session is intended to share experiences and successes in the training of official statisticians across all of these perspectives. Papers are encouraged from national statistical offices, statistical institutes, universities, organisations which work in collaboration with national statistical offices, international training agencies, and individuals. Innovative approaches such as the use of online learning, fixed term placements, academic programs delivered in-house, and tailored programs designed to meet the specific needs of particular countries, will be of particular interest.


Presentation 4C1 A New Qualification for Statistical Clerks in National Statistical Offices
Bradley Payne (UK)
Peter Holmes (UK)
Neville Davies (UK)
Presentation 4C2 The Academy as an Instrument for Organisational Change Ellen Bastiaens-Krabbe (The Netherlands)
Presentation 4C3 Experiences and Challenges in the Training of Official Statisticians
Pilar Martin Guzman (Spain)
Presentation 4C4 Teaching the System of National Accounts - The Ukrainian Experience Ruslan Motoryn (Ukraine)
Presentation 4C5 The Joint Program in Survey Methodology: A Government Partnership for an Academic Program Cynthia Z.F. Clark (USA)

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