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Session 4D. Distance Learning

Session Organizer(s)

Lea Bregar (Slovenia)
Irena Ograjensek (Slovenia)
Bettie Basson (South Africa)

Session Abstract

The central point of this session will be a discussion of distance learning's impact on teaching of statistics. General pedagogical issues and challenges of traditional distance learning format will be addressed as well as implementation of distance learning in a modern digital environment.

Within this frame, emphasis will be given to the identification of potentials and pitfalls of modern technology's use in teaching of statistics. When identified, their influence on quality and efficiency improvements applicable to the processes of teaching and learning of statistics will be analysed in detail.

The proposed issues to be discussed in this section are the following:

- Course development issues and the impact of technology.
- Training of statisticians in effective distance learning delivery.
- Special needs of distance learners.
- Teaching of statistics in information society using a distance learning mode.
- Best practice examples.



Presentation 4D1 Statistical Education and the Workplace: Present State of Affairs and Future Challenges Lea Bregar (Slovenia)
Irena Ograjensek (Slovenia)
Mojca Bavdaz Kveder (Slovenia)
Presentation 4D2 From Online Learner to Online Teacher Sharon Copeland-Smith (Australia)
Presentation 4D3 Experiencing Statistics at a Distance

W. Robert Stephenson (USA)

Presentation 4D4 Just-In-Time Network-Based Statistical Learning: Tools Development and Implementation Lea Vermeire (Belgium)
An Carbonez (Belgium)
Paul Darius (Belgium)
Jill Fresen (South Africa)

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