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Session 4E. Using Official Statistics in Teaching

Session Organizer(s)

Sharleen Forbes (New Zealand)

Session Abstract

There has been a long history of collaboration between official statistics agencies, professional societies and statistics educators in both the provision of training and joint research. The papers in this session will cover the development of teaching materials based on official statistics as well as the development of courses for official statisticians. Access to official statistics for use by teachers, students and researcher will also be discussed.


Session I The Use of Census Material in Statistics Teaching
Presentation 4E1 The Italian Census at School Enzo Lombardo (Italy)
Cristiana Conti (Italy)
Presentation 4E2 Making Census Count in the Classroom Lesley Hooper (New Zealand)
Presentation 4E3 PANEL DISCUSSION: Children's Censuses: Their Role in Official Statistics and in Statistics Education
Doreen Connor (UK)
Cristiana Conti (Italy)
Sharleen Forbes (New Zealand)
Session II The Interface Between Official Statistics and University Teaching
Presentation 4E4 The Use of Official Statistics in Teaching University Geography Students in Italy Enrica Aureli (Italy)
Riccardo Russo (Italy)
Presentation 4E5 Teaching Official Statistics in an Irish University Statistics Department Patrick Murphy (Ireland)
Presentation 4E6 To be announced  

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