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Session 4F. Statistical Training and Education of Lawyers, Judges, Doctors, Researchers, and other Professionals

Session Organizer(s)

Elisabeth Svensson (Sweden)
Kamanzi-wa Binyavanga (South-Africa)

Session Abstract

Most professionals in society, as well as scientists, have to deal with statistical information in one way or another, as readers of statistical information and/or as users of statistics and statistical methods.

Therefore, there is a need for training in the understanding of statistical concepts and measures. How is this demand for courses and training in applied statistics and statistical understanding met in various professions? Experience and ideas will be discussed in the session.


Presentation 4F1 Teaching Statistics to Medical Doctors Through Research Methods: A Case of Medical Education Research in Iran Abbas Bazargan (Iran)
Presentation 4F2 Cramming for Court: Teaching Statistics to Litigators Mary Gray (USA)
Presentation 4F3 Statistical Training for Doctors Mike Campbell (UK)

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