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Session 4G. Preparation and Training of Workers in the 21st Century

Session Organizer(s)

Albert P. Shulte (USA)

Session Abstract

This session deals with the need for statistical literacy in various types of workers in the twenty-first century, and with programs designed to provide this necessary statistical literacy. As such, the session may also consider objectives for training workers, materials which have been or should be developed for training, and strategies for implementing improved training programs.


Presentation 4G1 Statistics - Driving Success or Blocking the Road? Stephen A. Zayac (USA)
Presentation 4G2 Statistical Education and Training for the Workers of the Public Administrations: Objectives, Issues and Strategies Luigi Biggeri (Italy)
Alberto Zuliani (Italy)
Presentation 4G3 Preparing Workers for the 21st Century: The Importance of Statistical Competencies Beverley Carlson ()
Presentation 4G4 Would You Allow Your Accountant to Perform Surgery? Implications for Education of Primary Teachers Lionel Pereira-Mendoza (Singapore)

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