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Session 4H. Educating Managers, Executives, Politicians, Government Officials and Other Decision Makers

Session Organizer(s)

Theodore Chadjipadelis (Greece)

Session Abstract

Decision makers in general have limited time due to their full daily schedules. So they must be convinced by questions and answers, proposals, and evaluation reports when making crucial decisions about plans and projects. Educating them is necessary in order to help them state research questions, to understand statistical outputs and graphs, and to use statistical results properly. Also, we should educate them to feel that the statistician is a colleague who can understand their questions and make them understand his answers.

Papers should focus on
* Statistical thinking
* Uses of statistics to analyze situations
* Statistics and statistical methods as tools for monitoring, evaluation and decision making
* Communication skills when using statistics
* Use of data and results from Surveys and Census.


Presentation 4H1 Using Statistics as a Tool in Political Research: The Case of Electoral Behaviour Theodore Chadjipadelis (Greece)
Presentation 4H2 Statistics Education for Future Managers: Needs, Obstacles, Possible Solutions Corinne Hahn (France)
Patrick Dassonville (France)
Presentation 4H3 International Statistics for Public and Private Decision Makers: New Tools to Improve the OECD Communication Policy Enrico Giovannini (Italy)

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