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Session 4I. Statistical Training and Education in Environmental Settings

Session Organizer(s)

Maria Virginia Lopez (Argentina)
Maria del Carmen Fabrizio (Argentina)

Session Abstract

The focus of this session will be on the training and education in environmental agencies, agriculture, forestry, energy, ecology, biology, geology and closely related areas. It may also deal with the teaching of statistics in agricultural colleges, both at the post-secondary and post-graduate levels.

Some possible topics for papers include using statistics and statistical thinking to make decisions, using statistics for monitoring, and continuing education needs.


Presentation 4I1 Factors Affecting Performance in a University Service Course on Biostatistics: An Update John Harraway (New Zealand)
Presentation 4I2 Role of Statistics in the Education of Agricultural Science Students Katarina Cobanovic (FR Yugoslavia)
Presentation 4I3 The Status of Statistics in Agricultural Studies: An Epistemological Approach Maria Virginia Lopez (Argentina)
Maria del Carmen Fabrizio (Argentina)
Maria Cristina Plencovich (Argentina)
Hernan Giorgini (Argentina)

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