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Session 4J. Practical Training in the Workplace for Tertiary and Postgraduate Students

Session Organizer(s)

Katherine Taylor Halvorsen (USA)

Session Abstract

Speakers in this session will discuss their experiences in preparing college students for internships or cooperative work-study employment during their undergraduate and postgraduate education or for their first job following graduation. Topics include: locating appropriate internships, cooperative experiences or employment opportunities, preparation of students and supervisors, supervision issues, and evaluation of the student's experience.


Presentation 4J1 Internships for Undergraduate Statistics Majors: The BYU Experience Lara Wolfson (USA)
Presentation 4J2 Statistics Education and Bulgarian Management Training Institutions Development Project Nadezhda Tsankova (Bulgaria)
Presentation 4J3 An Internship Program at a Liberal Arts College Katherine Taylor Halvorsen (USA)

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