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Session 4K. Training of Institutional Research Professionals

Session Organizer(s)

Amanda Lourens (South Africa)

Session Abstract

This session is being organised by The Southern African Association for Institutional Research (SAAIR). The SAAIR is a dynamic association with the vision of promoting institutional research, training, development and the exchange of information in the context of an effective institutional research environment in each higher education institution. With this aim in mind, the use of effective statistical techniques forms a crucial part of Institutional Research at Higher Education Institutions.

The aim of this session is to highlight the ways in which statistical contents and skills can be taught taking into account different backgrounds of Institutional Researchers. These ways will be presented from the viewpoint of Institutional Researchers from various countries. Practical examples illustrating the use of statistics in Institutional Research will also be given.


Presentation 4K1 Statistics and the Practice of Institutional Research
Gerald W McLaughlin (USA)
Presentation 4K2 Promoting Statistics Literacy: New Opportunities for the Training of Institutional Research Professionals
Linda Hewitt (Trinidad)
Presentation 4K3 Training Institutional Research Professionals: Teaching a Statistics Course in Six Hours or Less, The Art of Teaching Mary Ann Coughlin (USA)
Presentation 4K4 Intriguing Facets of Institutional Research Pieter Vermeulen (South Africa)

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