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Session 5A. Relationships with Mathematics Education

Session Organizer(s)

Brian Greer (USA)

Session Abstract

The relationships between statistics and mathematics education, like the relationships between the statistical and mathematical sciences, tend to reflect the range of community interpretations of the words "statistics" and "mathematics". To deny the kinship and intertwining of statistics and mathematics is to deny the breadth and enabling nature of each of them. To deny the common elements of mathematical and statistical thinking and generic skills reduces the stature of both. To consider the different challenges and scenarios in mathematics and statistics education is to also consider commonalities, and both considerations can only strengthen understanding in each.


Presentation 5A1 Insights from Mathematics Education Research: Developing Concepts of Affect and Emotion Jeff Evans (UK)
Presentation 5A2 A Narrated Concept Map for Statistics Michael Bulmer (Australia)
Presentation 5A3 Activity-based Statistics, Computer Simulation and Formal Mathematics Joachim Engel (Germany)
Presentation 5A4 Modeling with Matrices: A Data-driven Approach Jerry L. Moreno (USA)

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