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Session 5B. Statistics Education - A Discipline in Itself or in Contexts?

Session Organizer(s)

David Griffiths (Australia)

Session Abstract

One of the apparent paradoxes of statistics is that whereas it often appears to users to be merely a collection of complicated but definitive techniques, its practice in everything from the simplest of data exploration situations to the highest level of sophisticated modelling and analysis, requires statistical thinking. But the identification of what we mean by statistical thinking is a challenge, so do we define it in order to teach it, or do we develop an understanding of the nature of statistical thinking through the teaching of it.

This session is likely to pose as many questions as it answers, but, as in so much of statistical work, the posing of the questions can be as important as the answering.


Presentation 5B1 Statistical Thinking for Effective Management
J. A. John (New Zealand)
D. G. Johnson (UK)
Presentation 5B2 ISI in the Postwar Period - Planting the Seeds of Statistical Education Daniel Berze (The Netherlands)
Presentation 5B3 Using Health Sciences Examples in the Basic Statistical Concepts Course Dennis Pearl (USA)
Presentation 5B4 Design Principles for an Introductory Statistics Textbook for Psychology Students Brian Greer (USA)

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