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Session 5C. Statistics Education in and for the Economic World of Business and Government Policy-Making

Session Organizer(s)

Eric Sowey (Australia)

Session Abstract

The production and use of quality data are of paramount importance in this world, but does the education of those working in these areas reflect the importance during the education process and/or in the use of, and ongoing learning in, statistics? This session will present perspectives on statistics education for business, and in the worlds of government and semi-government policy-making. Some of the aims of the session are to:

provide a review, and interpretation for the ICOTS international community, of the lessons for statistics education for business of the 15 annual US Conferences held so far called Making Statistics More Effective in Schools of Business;

to describe what is happening, or what ought to happen, in a non-university setting in order to equip government statistics-using civil servants and parliamentarians with both background and just-in-time statistics education; and

to describe what is happening in a university setting in order to equip statistics-using government policy advisers with both background and just-in-time statistics/econometrics education.

In the last two situations, it is crucial that the education be of direct and urgent professional relevance to the users.


Presentation 5C1 The Official Statistician - Teaching Values and Techniques to Statisticians and the Community
Richard Madden (Australia) - Author
Ching Y. Choi (Australia) - Presenter
Presentation 5C2 A Review of the Lessons Learned at the Conferences on Making Statistics More Effective in Schools and Business
Jon Cryer (USA)
Presentation 5C3 CPD for the Business and Government Sectors: Implications of the RSS CPD Implementation Study Gerald W Goodall (UK)
Derek J Pike (UK)

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