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Session 5D. Statistics Education and the Statistical Profession

Session Organizer(s)

Neville Davies (UK)

Session Abstract

It is both a strength and weakness of the statistical profession that statisticians work in highly diverse and dispersed areas and workplaces, working with professionals in many and varied other fields. The challenges of this for the professional societies, major employers, continuing professional development, statistics education and accreditation, form the theme of this session. Increasing access to extensive data and computerised techniques in workplaces, together with the expansion in areas in which sophisticated statistical methodology is finding applications, and increasing global emphasis on accountable professionalism, have combined in their impact on the statistical profession.

In 1998 at ICOTS 5, Professor David Vere-Jones gave a brilliant plenary paper discussing the ways in which the development of statistics education in different nations was linked with their cultures and history. Networking and sharing experiences across workplaces and across nations in how developments in statistics education are and can be linked with developments in the statistical profession, are of benefit to all of us.


Presentation 5D1 Promoting Statistical Literacy: A South African Perspective
Pali Lehola (South Africa)
Presentation 5D2 The IASE - Background, Activities and Future Brian Phillips (Australia)
Presentation 5D3 The Royal Statistical Society and Statistical Education Neville Hunt (UK)
Flavia Jolliffe (UK)
Neville Davies (UK)
Presentation 5D4 The Professional Statistician: A Policy for Continuing Professional Development Derek J Pike (UK)

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