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Session 5E. Statistics Education and the Engineering World

Session Organizer(s)

Helen MacGillivray (Australia)

Session Abstract

Engineering education is, and always will be, full of challenges and issues, seemingly often involving the role of mathematics. This should not be surprising in view of the pivotal and enabling role of mathematics in engineering and the challenges in simultaneously developing specific and generic skills and capabilities across crowded curricula for a wide range of student and engineering needs, always under conflicting pressures from the separate worlds of university politics, professional developments and school education.

Statistics has often seemed to take a "backseat" in engineering education, particularly with engineering students, but, as indicated by the US Engineering Criteria 2000, the importance of statistics in engineering needs greater prominence. However the links with mathematics and the development and integration of statistical thinking are as important as the mere tools.

Like engineers, mathematicians and statisticians are also wrestling with educating in the face of change. The statistics profession is facing similar challenges to the engineering profession, albeit with smaller numbers, of producing multi-skilled but deeply educated graduates who can cope with technological, management, communication and deep problem-solving issues. There are exciting possibilities for the interface of statistics and engineering in education to reflect their many interfaces in the workplace as well as research and development.


Presentation 5E1 "What does this have to do with us?" - Teaching Statistics to Engineers Richard Wilson (Australia)
Presentation 5E2 Providing "Real" Context in Statistical Quality Control Courses for Engineers Stephen Vardeman (USA)
Presentation 5E3 The True Role(s) of Statistics in Engineering: A Student's Perspective James Moody (Australia)
Presentation 5E4 Simplifying Consulting Problems for Use in Introductory Statistics Lectures Neil T. Diamond (Australia)
Ewa M. Sztendur (Australia)

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