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Session 5F. Statistics Education and the World of Information Technology

Session Organizer(s)

Gianfranco Galmacci (Italy)

Session Abstract

The impact of information technology on statistics and statistics education has already been enormous and continues to grow. The impact has many forms. The consequence of the importance of statistical software in the practice of statistics is the need to incorporate such software in the education of both statistical users and future statisticians. Such software in itself also facilitates valuable teaching strategies in illustrating statistical concepts and methods. Further impact lies in the development of specifically educational resources as well as access to information, real problems, communication, and real and simulated data.

Some of these are common to all disciplines but statistics is also one of the disciplines whose importance has been greatly expanded and extended alongside developments in information technology. Statistics should also be impacting on various areas of information technology and its associated education, and it is of concern to many in the statistical profession that the impact in this direction has not yet been as much as it could or possibly should be.

This session of ICOTS-6 will consider some of the key educational impacts on the interface of statistics and information technology.


Presentation 5F1 Interactions between ICT and Statistics Education
Mike Fuller (UK)
Presentation 5F2 Penetration of Statistics Education by Interactive Materials with Computer Network Naoko Sakurai (Japan)
Michiko Watanabe (Japan)
Katsuyuki Suenaga (Japan)
Hiroshi Yadohisa (Japan)
Akinobu Takeuchi (Japan)
Kazunori Yamaguchi (Japan)
Chooichiro Asano (Japan)
Presentation 5F3 Web Resources for Teaching and Learning Statistics Ewan Crawford (UK)
Adrian Bowman (UK)

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