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Session 5G. Statistics Education and the World of Life and Health Sciences

Session Organizer(s)

Petter Laake (Norway)

Session Abstract

In the last decade there has been a burgeoning of statistical methods for problems related to the health sciences. Many of these are aspects of the more traditional areas, like epidemiology and randomized clinical studies, but there has also been a tremendous growth in methods related to newer areas, like genetics. The nature of statistics education in health sciences makes it a mix of traditional and cutting edge challenges, influenced by scientific challenges, but also by business and economic interests and social pressures.

Although the discipline of statistics seems healthy, one can question the relationship between the educational programs and the world of life and health sciences. Ideally, in areas from epidemiology to clinical studies, from survival analysis to genetics, the world of life and health sciences will need and should therefore motivate statistics education. In this session we will throw light on the relation between the educational programs and the life outside the educational institutions. We will address questions like the following. Do the educational programs prepare students for a professional life in the health sciences? What are the curriculum recommendations for a statistician and for statistical users in the health sciences? What are the actual needs in the world of life and health sciences, and how do we link with their needs? We hope a mix of perspectives will provide insight into the ongoing challenges and development of statistics education in the wide variety of needs in life and health sciences.


Presentation 5G1 An Interrogation Tool for Data from a Survey of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sales Forces Bradley Payne (UK)
David Griffiths (Australia)
Nick Merryfield (UK)
Presentation 5G2 Teaching Statistical Methods for the Health Sciences in the Post-genomic Era Nibia Aires (Sweden)
Presentation 5G3 Educating Statisticians for Work in Epidemiology: Can We Find the Correct Balance between General Statistical Ability and Particular Skill? Ivar Heuch (Norway)
Presentation 5G4 Teaching Biostatistics in South Africa by Distant Education: Experiences From an Exchange Program between the Medical University of South Africa and the University of Massachusetts Penelope Pekow (USA)

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