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Session 6A. Developing Statistics Education Research

Session Organizer(s)

Mike Shaughnessy (USA)

Session Abstract

This session will consist of presentations of recent research into:

A) elementary through upper secondary students' understandings of particular statistical and probabilistic concepts;
B) teachers knowledge of probability; and
C) the effects, if any, of research on stochastics learning on classroom practices.

These presentations are particularly devoted to research that has been recently developing, and to newly emerging themes for research on the statistical education of students and teachers.


Presentation 6A1 Creating Cognitive Conflict in a Controlled Research Setting
Jane M. Watson (Australia)
Presentation 6A2 Assessing and Fostering Children's Statistical Thinking Graham A. Jones (USA)
Cynthia W. Langrall (USA)
Carol A. Thornton (USA)
Edward S. Mooney (USA)
Presentation 6A3 Assessing and Tracing the Development of Basotho Elementary Students' Probabilistic Thinking
Mokaeane V. Polaki (South Africa)
Presentation 6A4 Mathematics Teachers' Professional Knowledge Of and About Probability
Tova Kvatinsky (Israel)
Ruhama Even (Israel)
Presentation 6A5 Aspects of Students' Understandings of Variation
Mike Shaughnessy (USA)
Matthew Ciancetta (USA)

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