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Session 6C. Technology and Research in Teaching and Learning Statistics

Session Organizer(s)

Erica Morris (UK)

Session Abstract

During the last decade, there has been an increasing use of computer technology in education, which has implications for the field of statistics education. For example, the statistics curriculum has changed because of advances in computer technology: learners can now use a variety of different kinds of computer-based resources, including interactive multimedia programs, tutorials, simulations and data-analysis applications. In recent years, there has been a focus on the use of the World Wide Web in the teaching of statistics which can also be used to provide the learner with resources, such as tutorials or self-assessment programs. Advances in Internet and computer technologies has meant that resources can not only be used to provide multimedia elements, such as graphics and video to illustrate statistical concepts, but they can also be used to provide learners with multiple representations that are dynamically linked.

Research in statistics education needs to investigate how developments in computer technology can be effectively used in the teaching of statistics. Research that focuses on the role of technology in the teaching and learning of statistics can address important issues, such as how technology can be effectively incorporated and integrated into statistics courses, and whether interactive learning materials contribute to students' understanding of statistical concepts.


Presentation 6C1 The Role of Computer Based Technology in Developing Understanding of the Concept of Sampling Distribution Kay Lipson (Australia)
Presentation 6C2 Introduction to the Normal Distribution in a Course of Data Analysis: Specific Meaning Induced by the Use of Computers Liliana Tauber (Spain)
Victoria Sanchez (Spain)
Presentation 6C3 The Re-education of Psychology: Technology and Research for Statistical Reform Geoff Cumming (Australia)
Presentation 6C4 Comparison of Multimedia Educational Materials Used in an Introductory Statistical Methods Course J. Richard Alldredge (USA)
Nicholas A. Som (USA)

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